Things looking up and for the better

well not all to much has been going on so this will be a short post. This week has been crazy in a earlier post i had told you we had plumming issues well they have decided to put us all up in a hotel i guess it’s going to start next week, and god only knows how long we will be there i hope not to long there is no place like home, but on the up side we will have a comfy bed to sleep in , right now it’s just a mattress on the floor until i can get a bed, and a indoor pool , and workout room so chris and i will make the best of it , they are also giving us and prepaid visa to pay for food so that is’t so bad.

i also got a love-seat from my neighbor’s mom carol just moved in over here at the apartments and was getting rid of a love seat so i was so happy cause i’ve been looking for a couch but this will work …we only had a chair in the living room so it’s more comfy and now i can sit and enjoy tv it’s awesome you don’t even know. well i’ts getting late so i guess i’m going to close this for now and get my ass to bed. 





Prayer needed….and we thank you

well i’m so sick of all this pluming issues here in this apartment, this problem is on going at the beginning of this month fourth of july weekend they had to move us to a hotel for 3 days until it got fixed!!!! well yet again but this time it came up in my sink this is gross its stuff that ppl flush so when they flush or use the dishwasher, or shower it comes up nasty .Well my landlord said i got u a room this time and i said ok u going to provide food cause i’m broke and last time i spent alot of money just on food cause there was no fridge or microwaves in the rooms , she told me no they don’t have funds to do that , so i said ok i’m staying put, luckily it hasn’t come up again but mine is the only one. my friend Jackie is in a hotel , and two other girls cause they are pregnant .There was suppose to be a inspection today but due to this issue they didn’t come. And tomorrow the plumping ass holes will be here and i hope they fix this shit once and for all cause its NOT healthy for anyone!!!!! 

ON a sad note my neighbor’s son lives with his mama and he has been in uk for a week and he is not doing well his mama beat him, my neighbor tried to get custody  on the 13 th of this month they denied him, bet she is kicking her self in the ass and feeling guilty now! that poor little boy is only 16 months old and as of right now is on life support, they haven’t pulled the plug yet  he stopped the mom from doing that as of today, so many prayers to this family is needed if you could take 5 minutes out of your day to due so, god thanks you and so does his family that is praying every minute of the day alone with family and friends

UPDATE ON STATEN: as of 2:30 am this morning  little baby staten has joined god and the angels may he rest in peace and be in no more pain. {july 26,2011}

~God bless you~


This, That, and some more

Ok so we have had a heatwave for over  a week, and all over from what i can see, heat index over 100 thank goodness for centeral air that is all i can say. We other then that i   have’t been doing too much here in kentucky i joined myyearbook last weekd met some nice guys well not in person but online. Maybe one day i’m ready to start to date again but in all honesty i not know if i want a man living with me again ….maybe i’ll change my mind in years to come if i find that special guy that can make me forget all the heart break/and trust issues i have with men!

So i’m so addicted to facebook games its not even funny haha so if u play games on fb feel free to add me! ok i guess that’s all for now  try and stay cool y’all.

ok check this out!!! it’s crazy.Baby FoodDiet

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Busy week for us

well i’m going to start by saying we just got back home from staying in a hotel for 3 days due to plumming issus here at my appartment, not with my unit but with other’s where sewage was comming up in there sink soooo gross. but chris and i had a good time in the hotel they hooked us up , we had a indoor pool and nice and comfy beds lol. So sis and chino, and kiddo’s came over and we all went swimming we had a blast. So on monday we went to granny nats son’s house for a cookout , was there all day and had such fun! then we went to the fair & saw now we are home and happy to be here. yesterday sis and kidd’s came over and we went for mexican for lunch yum! 🙂 then hung out home for awhile then went to my friend jackie’s for awhile.

well sis called me last nite cause she has ghost’s in her place, well it was getting bad where it’s now going after arianna who is 2 so i told her to get over here. so they are staying with me for a week or so. they are suppose to be moving by the end of the month so until then i’ll be helping her. poor arianna was so scared when she came over here last nite just wanted tia(me) to rock her …so things are ok for now..

and today let’s see i have to get some laundry done and clean up. weekend is almost here yyaaaayyyy 😀