Busy week for us

well i’m going to start by saying we just got back home from staying in a hotel for 3 days due to plumming issus here at my appartment, not with my unit but with other’s where sewage was comming up in there sink soooo gross. but chris and i had a good time in the hotel they hooked us up , we had a indoor pool and nice and comfy beds lol. So sis and chino, and kiddo’s came over and we all went swimming we had a blast. So on monday we went to granny nats son’s house for a cookout , was there all day and had such fun! then we went to the fair & saw fireworks..so now we are home and happy to be here. yesterday sis and kidd’s came over and we went for mexican for lunch yum! 🙂 then hung out home for awhile then went to my friend jackie’s for awhile.

well sis called me last nite cause she has ghost’s in her place, well it was getting bad where it’s now going after arianna who is 2 so i told her to get over here. so they are staying with me for a week or so. they are suppose to be moving by the end of the month so until then i’ll be helping her. poor arianna was so scared when she came over here last nite just wanted tia(me) to rock her …so things are ok for now..

and today let’s see i have to get some laundry done and clean up. weekend is almost here yyaaaayyyy 😀





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