Things looking up and for the better

well not all to much has been going on so this will be a short post. This week has been crazy in a earlier post i had told you we had plumming issues well they have decided to put us all up in a hotel i guess it’s going to start next week, and god only knows how long we will be there i hope not to long there is no place like home, but on the up side we will have a comfy bed to sleep in , right now it’s just a mattress on the floor until i can get a bed, and a indoor pool , and workout room so chris and i will make the best of it , they are also giving us and prepaid visa to pay for food so that is’t so bad.

i also got a love-seat from my neighbor’s mom carol just moved in over here at the apartments and was getting rid of a love seat so i was so happy cause i’ve been looking for a couch but this will work …we only had a chair in the living room so it’s more comfy and now i can sit and enjoy tv it’s awesome you don’t even know. well i’ts getting late so i guess i’m going to close this for now and get my ass to bed. 





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