Youtube, tumblr and that’s it!!

well hay there guys! hope all is well with my readers if i have any ???? haha 🙂 well i’ve just been so busy doing nada this past week. i joined tumblr so check it out and follow me link in the side bar. I’ve also started a youtube channel but i haven’t post any video’s yet i’ll be vblogging and posting them here sometimes. There is alot of the time where i just don’t want to write and doing a video will just be so much more easier lol so if u want to add me i’m unfablous-me on youtube. so will post more shortly.


Lack of sleep

hey all just sitting here watching judge pirro i love this show! well anyhoo today i took r-teck to save-a-lot and went and got some food it felt good to do this on my own without asking someone for a ride, the first time you do things is always a little scary but now that i’ve done it , i’ll do it again cause it wasen’t bad at all.  i also got arianna’s birthday gift all set for her.. her birthday is sat but sis is having her party on the 27th, she is having a mini mouse theme party it’s going to be so cute. 

I’m super tired i didn’t go to bed til 2am then my neighbors were making alot of noise and *clears throat* lol i can hear them everytime they spend time in bed if u get me:0 lol so not cool so i couldn’t fall asleep untail 3 am and had to be up 6,,i’m so tired and ready for chris to get home so mom can take a nap!


arianna's birthday gift


well have not posted in awhile : i think the place where i live is inspection crazy haha we have inspection once a month and that isnt bad but we had inspection on the 30th of July and they just did one Aug 15th and today we have another  one from the head people they are picking ppl at random to check their apartment and asking questions wow crazy but it’s all good i told my neighbor that after we do all this watch them not pick ours or something lol but at least our apartments are super clean lol. my place was clean already i just dusted, and organized the closets, washes mirrors ect so i’m good all i have to do this morning is sweep kitchen floor and vacuum upstairs .

So i had my niece this past weekend i don’t get to see her all that much , since i don’t live right next door anymore so it was fun. we baked cookies, and played outside..took some pic’s too here are some of them..ok i’m out for now have a awesome day folks!!! 🙂


well this isn’t going to big a long post cause i didnt do anything really today. i went to bed around one am last nite and woke up at 430 am so i was super tired this morning but i stayed up when i woke up cause i didn’t want to over sleep. Got chris up at 610 am for his program i cleaned the kitchen and got him off to temco, and about 9am i went back to sleep cause i wasent feeling to good today my feet are so swollen due to my hbp and they are hurting bad i’m not on medicine cause i don’t have medical inc. so i slept til about 12 ….didnt do much of anything then just went on face book for awhile and that is about it…chris got home at 215 then at 3 i layed back down cause i’ve been feeling dizzy and icky all day. i slept til 6 lol ya did alot of sleeping today made some dinner …and watched teen mom tonight and about to go to bed.. and i hope my feet are not as swollen tomorrow………..gnite all


Here are some pic’s of my friend jackie and her new baby girl khloe dawn born this morning

short post

nothing much has been going on just been out and about with sis we went to lunch the other day and shopping i got arianna my niece two shirts for her birthday . paid bills. and got a letter from ss saying i’ll be having my court date soon, can’t wait til its over and i can get my disability ..well this is a short post but i’m tired and need to nap, then doing some laundry.