well this isn’t going to big a long post cause i didnt do anything really today. i went to bed around one am last nite and woke up at 430 am so i was super tired this morning but i stayed up when i woke up cause i didn’t want to over sleep. Got chris up at 610 am for his program i cleaned the kitchen and got him off to temco, and about 9am i went back to sleep cause i wasent feeling to good today my feet are so swollen due to my hbp and they are hurting bad i’m not on medicine cause i don’t have medical inc. so i slept til about 12 ….didnt do much of anything then just went on face book for awhile and that is about it…chris got home at 215 then at 3 i layed back down cause i’ve been feeling dizzy and icky all day. i slept til 6 lol ya did alot of sleeping today made some dinner …and watched teen mom tonight and about to go to bed.. and i hope my feet are not as swollen tomorrow………..gnite all


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