well have not posted in awhile : i think the place where i live is inspection crazy haha we have inspection once a month and that isnt bad but we had inspection on the 30th of July and they just did one Aug 15th and today we have another  one from the head people they are picking ppl at random to check their apartment and asking questions wow crazy but it’s all good i told my neighbor that after we do all this watch them not pick ours or something lol but at least our apartments are super clean lol. my place was clean already i just dusted, and organized the closets, washes mirrors ect so i’m good all i have to do this morning is sweep kitchen floor and vacuum upstairs .

So i had my niece this past weekend i don’t get to see her all that much , since i don’t live right next door anymore so it was fun. we baked cookies, and played outside..took some pic’s too here are some of them..ok i’m out for now have a awesome day folks!!! 🙂


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