Lack of sleep

hey all just sitting here watching judge pirro i love this show! well anyhoo today i took r-teck to save-a-lot and went and got some food it felt good to do this on my own without asking someone for a ride, the first time you do things is always a little scary but now that i’ve done it , i’ll do it again cause it wasen’t bad at all.  i also got arianna’s birthday gift all set for her.. her birthday is sat but sis is having her party on the 27th, she is having a mini mouse theme party it’s going to be so cute. 

I’m super tired i didn’t go to bed til 2am then my neighbors were making alot of noise and *clears throat* lol i can hear them everytime they spend time in bed if u get me:0 lol so not cool so i couldn’t fall asleep untail 3 am and had to be up 6,,i’m so tired and ready for chris to get home so mom can take a nap!


arianna's birthday gift


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