@ the hotel

well hey there all, well we been here at the hotel since tues. Trying to make the best of this situation but it really bites, ok this is what my landlord told us, we are in this hotel tue, wed,thur,fri, and sat we have to find a place to stay , then back here on sunday, mon, tue, wed so far but i think we will be here til fri of next week. the plumers should be done with their part fri but the inspectors wont be in til tue or wed, then they have to put of floor back in lay down our carpet, fix the cabinets, and so on omg! Then i told my landlord i dont have a place to stay sat she told me that was my problem fuck bitch nope i know by law they have to put us up, it’s not our falt about the plumming it’s their prob. i just wanna go back home. but the plus side there is a indoor pool, sis and jada came by yesterday and we all went swimming we took some pictures they will be posted below.

well today we finally will have some money tess is going to pick me up at 4 to go home and check the mail so i can get the check and to walmart to get some things, sis can’t take me she has school tonight and my mail don’t come til 4 ish urgh. so tonight chris and i will have a good dinner at the huddle house next door we have been eating barely anything cause we didnt have much. so i can’t wait haha


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