Not feeling so good today

i’m sitting here in the hotel ya i’m still here. and it sucks! i woke up today not feeling well actually the past couple of days I’ve been sleeping alot being stuck in a room can do that to ya. but i woke up today with a achy head, sore throat, runny and stuffy nose and pain shooting to my ear, and achy head urgh COLD? ya i’m thinking so. Could be because when we go in the pool i get changed and sit here at this desk on my laptop and it’s right in front of the ac unit… oh well …anyhoo today i will get out of this room for awhile sis is coming over to take me to wallyworld to get some food not like i can make all that much in a microwave but at least it’s something. I hope they are finish with my apartment by friday i miss it so much. though i’ve spent lots of money on food and so now i don’t have enough money to pay all my bills i paid rent but now only have 200.00 left and i have to pay my laptop rental, loan, electric urgh this sucks ass really, my landlord is suppose to give us a prepaid visa but that has not happen yet and i’m so getting pissed and i’m about to go off. i’m going to call her again tomorrow and ask again, and if she tells me the same shit she can’t get ahold of julie the main bitch i’m going to say ok then your going to pay my bills im NOT happy as u can tell. i guess today is my i’m going to bitch and vent day haha sorry y’all. ok so here are some pics. will post again soon i hope if i don’t die of boredom 🙂


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