Bad morning with my autistic son

Well the past couple of weeks i’ve been dealing with my son..first off i’ll let u know a little about him then maybe it will be a little easier to understand. My son is 19 soon to be 20 in dec , he is autistic and he can be very loud and violent when he don’t get his own way. He goes to a program for adults like him called Temco mon-fri his bus comes at 6:45am and he comes home at 2:15 . well the past month he has been telling me he is sick (other words he don’t wanna go to program) he tells me this so he can stay home and play video games! ya so last week i had finaly had enough he had not gone in two days and he starts fighting with me in the morning , and he gets very loud and my walls are thin i don’t want to wake up my neighbors i took his wii,gamecube, and ds and put them away, he was not a happy camper, ohh well he needs to learn i’m the boss and NOT him, he tells me he is going to take my cell phone away! ya i see that happening haha
so we did pretty good the rest of last week and mon he got up no problem (usually it’s mon and fri he don’t want to go) so i thought he would be fine today but ummm boy was i wrong. I woke up this morning at 4 came down stairs and made some coffee and played on facebook for awhile then about 5:30 i heard him awake and he was all happy and so forth but he knows he don’t have to get dressed til 6am and he said mom not 6 is it , i said no son…so he played his game for a little bit …i knew he was up so i gave him some extra time i went up to tell him to get dressed at 6:15 and where was he ??? IN BED ! what really he started telling me he is sick….and he so knows if he don’t go mom takes the wii. well he was getting mad at me and growling and being very loud. He had several chances to get up and get ready for temco but he didn’t want to … ok so i cancelled his rteck(the bus that takes him, u have to cancel rides if they are not going) so i did that ..and all of a sudden i hear stomping on the ceiling (his room is above the kitchen) oh hell no not this early …so i go up again and he said i want my wii so i told him he knows the rule u go to temco u can have it when u get home. Then i find out the reason he was doing all of this is cause he didn’t like the pants i put out for him to ware urgh! i simply told him son u can’t read your mind, u have to tell me if you don’t want to ware something or don’t like it u have to open your mouth ..then he got dressed (different pants) so had to come down and call his aide to see if she can come and pick him up!(i don’t have a car i know it sucks) so she is coming at 7:15 . So ya like i said i’ve had a hell of a morning already and its only 7:00 am.

Sometimes i just wish there was someone else to talk to that goes though the same things with a autistic adult, alot of what i see online they all have little kids, well i’ve done all that …i need support for ppl with adult/kids ..its really hard doing it alone and not having anyone that understands AT ALL. I think this is why i’m depressed alot of the time. but today is just my venting if u made it though this post THUMBS UP!!!**** for you haha 😀 just helps to vent by writing it all down. i’m feeling much better now .

what is austism


Kids…wow i’m getting old

Well it sure has been awhile since i’ve blogged. Just been hanging out really and nothing to say..But the last couple of days been pretty good. We had my sister’s 29th birthday party on saturday, she loves Halloween so it was Halloween themed it was really cool i’ll be adding some pictures from the party in this post . well i kept her kiddo’s that nite so she could go drinking with her friends. The kids and i had a good time, yesterday i took them to the park, and just played around the house, i do have to say i was super tired cause my sister brought over ian’s crib matress so i could put it on the floor instead of sleeping with me cause last time i couldnt sleep cause he moves around so much and kicks so much activity from a one yr old haha 🙂 well he kept falling out of the bed and crying every hour …ru serious i mean it was on the floor and he still moved all over the place 😦 poor little man so tia didn’t get much sleep and was up at 6am. so needless to say i was ready for them to go home at 2pm i was so tired, one thing i have to say is that im glad i had my boys when i was younger though i’m 38 but still haha i was so bushed and after they left i took a 3 hour nap. Then woke up and made cresentdogs for my son chris and i . they came out really good . he didn’t like them so much oh well it is good for him to try something new here and there. ok so now it is 5am and i’ve been up since 3:30am i guess i with taken a nap yesterday and going to bed at 11 last nite just gave me a little to much sleeptime idk. haha 😛 well that is it for now see y’all soon.


Yes i’m home

well this is going to be a short post cause i’m so tired! first off i uploaded a new vlog so check out the video’s. ok so i was able to come home today i got in about 9:30 am and my apartment was a wreck it looked like when i first moved in and boxes and stuff all over the place. soo it took me three hours but i got it looking great. so ya im so tired and sore all over haha i’m so not use to these stairs its killing my knees with having knee problems no so good oh well i’ll get use to it all over again. so chris and i had some dinner, and just been watching some tv to chill. well it’s pretty clean i got my internet back on after talking to two different sales people cause my bill is 388 i was like omg but i haven’t yet made one payment. so all i had to pay was108 to get net back on and then next month another 125 so they are working with me and i think that is awesome. ok so i’m going to close for now cause i’m about to fall asleep in this chair. sweet dreams all