Yes i’m home

well this is going to be a short post cause i’m so tired! first off i uploaded a new vlog so check out the video’s. ok so i was able to come home today i got in about 9:30 am and my apartment was a wreck it looked like when i first moved in and boxes and stuff all over the place. soo it took me three hours but i got it looking great. so ya im so tired and sore all over haha i’m so not use to these stairs its killing my knees with having knee problems no so good oh well i’ll get use to it all over again. so chris and i had some dinner, and just been watching some tv to chill. well it’s pretty clean i got my internet back on after talking to two different sales people cause my bill is 388 i was like omg but i haven’t yet made one payment. so all i had to pay was108 to get net back on and then next month another 125 so they are working with me and i think that is awesome. ok so i’m going to close for now cause i’m about to fall asleep in this chair. sweet dreams all


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