Kids…wow i’m getting old

Well it sure has been awhile since i’ve blogged. Just been hanging out really and nothing to say..But the last couple of days been pretty good. We had my sister’s 29th birthday party on saturday, she loves Halloween so it was Halloween themed it was really cool i’ll be adding some pictures from the party in this post . well i kept her kiddo’s that nite so she could go drinking with her friends. The kids and i had a good time, yesterday i took them to the park, and just played around the house, i do have to say i was super tired cause my sister brought over ian’s crib matress so i could put it on the floor instead of sleeping with me cause last time i couldnt sleep cause he moves around so much and kicks so much activity from a one yr old haha πŸ™‚ well he kept falling out of the bed and crying every hour …ru serious i mean it was on the floor and he still moved all over the place 😦 poor little man so tia didn’t get much sleep and was up at 6am. so needless to say i was ready for them to go home at 2pm i was so tired, one thing i have to say is that im glad i had my boys when i was younger though i’m 38 but still haha i was so bushed and after they left i took a 3 hour nap. Then woke up and made cresentdogs for my son chris and i . they came out really good . he didn’t like them so much oh well it is good for him to try something new here and there. ok so now it is 5am and i’ve been up since 3:30am i guess i with taken a nap yesterday and going to bed at 11 last nite just gave me a little to much sleeptime idk. haha πŸ˜› well that is it for now see y’all soon.



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