Halloween, family, and pictures

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! my son and i carved our pumpkin on sunday ohh ya that was fun, after a few mins of having chris gut the pumpkin he was like “mom this is gross you do it” lmao so ya i had to finish gutting it out, and he wanted fangs on the pumpkin well i’m so not good at doing teeth or whatever on a pumpkin so i cut one off grrrr i was not happy so our poor pumpkin only has one fang . CHris didn’t want me to cut it off so it stayed lol 🙂

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well halloween after noon was fun sis came over though she was not feeling well and got the kiddo’s ready for trick or treat. they looked so cute arianna was mini mouse and ian was a dinosaur. My sis was having bad chest pains all day and feeling like she couldn’t breathe. but we got the kids ready and her friend came over too then they all left to take the kids, my sis ended up going home cause she was in so much pain, she called me really upset cause she couldn’t take the kids, it was ian’s first halloween but i told her she has to get better for the kids, they are still really young to understand. so about 9:30pm sis called asked me to keep the kids over nite so she can go to the er. so they dropped off the kiddo’s and fed them so supper cause they hadn’t eatin. boy were they hungry hehe 🙂 then go them ready for bed. sis went to the er they said she has a lung infection they gave her some pain meds and she has to give herself 2 breathing treatment’s a day, and if that dont help  with in a week she will have to stay in the hospital. so please keep her in your’e prayer’s.

On a up note it’s my birthday  hehe have no clue what we are gonna do maybe go to dinner …well have a great day everyone!here are more pictures



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