Unlocking my android urgh…

well guys i am buying a comet droid from my sister, and it’s tmobile i have straight talk and wanted to use my sims card for it , cause in a iphone i know u can , but can’t find a way to unlock it . i know there are loads of sites online that u can go and unlock it for a fee. but it shows you where to put in a code that your phone will ask, but with this sim card it don’t so i feel it will be a wast of money and time. I am going to switch to t-mobile to buy a sim card online is 6.99 and to get a 4g prepaid plan is 50.00 a month unlimited not to bad only 5.00 more, cause right now i pay 45.00 unlimited everytime though straight talk. but i’m just inlove with this phone. and my inetnet is about to be shut off …so will prob get it back on and running after christmas i’m hoping. money is tight right now .


added a new app for android so now I can update my blog. it’s actually pretty cool that I’m able to do this from my android.


2 thoughts on “Unlocking my android urgh…

  1. Unlocking your phone can be a pain in the A$$ 😛 …I followed a tutorial on how to unlock your blackberry on youtube, went to a site, paid the $20 or whatever it was for the code and my blackberry said it was unlocked. However, when I went to Russia this summer… their SIM card wouldn’t work! I’m not sure if it was because my phone didn’t unlock properly or if the lady just didn’t know what was going {since she spoke NO english whatsoever and my Russian was pretty basic}.

    UGH. So, no more of that!

    But I know you can go to one of those cell phone kiosks in any mall and get it done for $35 or something. SUPER expensive. If you DO do that though, ask for a discount or something 😉 Good luck!

  2. thanks i ordered a t-mobile sims card off e-bay brand new prepaid for 3.34 lol so on the first i’m switching …that sucks it didnt work for u in russia …just a waste of time and money urgh 😦

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