family day

spent the day with sis and kids we headed to somerset and had a blast
went to the fea market and walked around just looking at stuff. I bought
a gourmet cupcake i got a pb cup one , i haven’t yet eating it though
i will today its choc cupcake with pb and choc filling and crushed pb
cup on top …cant wait to dig into it haha …after that we went to a
new chinease buffet so i figured i would try a calfornia roll(sushi)
um NOOOO it was gross i guess it’s not my cup of tea! so then off to
albany to get my sister wedding dress we were meeting up with this girl
who sold my sis a dress and we saw that albany had a dollar general mart
wow what really so after we got the dress we went in wow i wish they would
put one in over here in monticello, but we did some food shopping and
saved a bundle of money . i so want to go back soon.. so then came back
home and my neice said im staying over tia(auntie in spanish) haha so
i had my neice for the nite we had a good time, i made pizza and we watched
dora until she fell asleep on the floor lol cutie. well i guess that is
about it for now going to clean up the house and spent more time with
my neice arianna below is a pic of kiddo’s in the car driving home from
albany .



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