No sew fleece blankets

I was talking to my cuz today and she makes these no sew fleece blankets so i looked it up on you tube. They look so easy and something i want to try i want to make a hello kitty and a angry birds one for my niece and nephew for chrismas .. really excited to try this gonna do a test one for myself in oct will post pics ..I’m getting into all this crafty stuff and i love friend and i are also making our christmas cards by hand this year with stamps i can’t wait.




Awake early again

well just sitting here and i thought i would do a blog post haha. well it looks like it’s going to be a crapy day , the day started with me waking up around 5:45 am. Last nite i took some dream water (u can buy it at walmart) it’s a all natural water u can drink to fall asleep. Well it did work within 30 mins i fell asleep but i feel asleep to early and woke up early just wish i could sleep more then 5-6 hours a nite and stay asleep. well going to a therapist today my first appointment so maybe she will give me something, it’s this depression and menopause it really sucks not being able to sleep to much. Im also looking  forward to monday, not only is it payday but my friend and i are taken the kids to clydes cider mill in mystic ct then to the mystic village they have lots and lots of cute shopes there…then lunch it should be a good day will be taking many pictures too. well guess that is it for now update on doc apt later.


Baking goodies

Sitting around today not doing much of anything but working on a scarf i’m working on then i decided to bake some cupcakes. It’s that time of year that i love to bake and cook lol . Last week i made some corn chowder in my crockpot and my roomie loved it , so that made me happy that it didnt go to waste . we are about to watch some soa cause my sis was telling me about the newest one so we need to watch it.

crochet and Doctor’s visit

well this week i’ve been working on crochet and i’ve mastered the scarf and i’m doing pretty well, until i ran out of yarn tonight urgh i was not happy about that …so i hope i can find the same color cause i bought it in ky lol.  well this week sure went by pretty quickly..thank goodness for that . Didn’t do much though or go anywhere but to the doctors the other son and i got our flu shots ..and i have to get a mammogram done cause im almost 40 man oh man i so do feel it or act it so that is a good thing i suppose .But getting a mammogram is very important and im a little scared but i know it’s for the best and its better to catch things fast these days, plus Brest cancer is in my family so i really need it checked.. This past month i was also shaking alot from not eating sugar so my dad was worried so i did have a sugar test done and i dont have it thank goodness. Im trying to eat better but that is hard to do right now there isn’t much i can eat ..i still don’t have my dentures yet five more weeks and i can’t wait..  i go in oct 18 for a try in, then oct 23 i get them and i  so can’t wait.  …i’m gonna post a pic of my scarf so far …finished scarf when im done.


Learning something new and i’m loving it

well i’ve just recently started learning crochet and i love it . today i learned how to make butterflies… and other then that just been making some pot holders lol i’m also working on a scarf.. so i’ll be posting pictures of my projects and so on. and if you have any easy patterns and ideas on what else i can make or try please comment below and let me know thanks …

well so this is what i did, i worked on my stuff most the day..and tonight my bestie amy came over she is showing me how to do some things too…she also knits i dont know if i could ever do that seems pretty hard.. ok sh this post will be short cause i’ve been up since 4am so i’m gonna finish watching friends and off to bed i go .