crochet and Doctor’s visit

well this week i’ve been working on crochet and i’ve mastered the scarf and i’m doing pretty well, until i ran out of yarn tonight urgh i was not happy about that …so i hope i can find the same color cause i bought it in ky lol.  well this week sure went by pretty quickly..thank goodness for that . Didn’t do much though or go anywhere but to the doctors the other son and i got our flu shots ..and i have to get a mammogram done cause im almost 40 man oh man i so do feel it or act it so that is a good thing i suppose .But getting a mammogram is very important and im a little scared but i know it’s for the best and its better to catch things fast these days, plus Brest cancer is in my family so i really need it checked.. This past month i was also shaking alot from not eating sugar so my dad was worried so i did have a sugar test done and i dont have it thank goodness. Im trying to eat better but that is hard to do right now there isn’t much i can eat ..i still don’t have my dentures yet five more weeks and i can’t wait..  i go in oct 18 for a try in, then oct 23 i get them and i  so can’t wait.  …i’m gonna post a pic of my scarf so far …finished scarf when im done.



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