Awake early again

well just sitting here and i thought i would do a blog post haha. well it looks like it’s going to be a crapy day , the day started with me waking up around 5:45 am. Last nite i took some dream water (u can buy it at walmart) it’s a all natural water u can drink to fall asleep. Well it did work within 30 mins i fell asleep but i feel asleep to early and woke up early just wish i could sleep more then 5-6 hours a nite and stay asleep. well going to a therapist today my first appointment so maybe she will give me something, it’s this depression and menopause it really sucks not being able to sleep to much. Im also looking  forward to monday, not only is it payday but my friend and i are taken the kids to clydes cider mill in mystic ct then to the mystic village they have lots and lots of cute shopes there…then lunch it should be a good day will be taking many pictures too. well guess that is it for now update on doc apt later.



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