Hurrican Sandy

prob wont be posting for awhile..depends on hurricane sandy. it will be hitting us on Monday and pray we don’t loose power and things are not going to be as bad as they say.

God bless


Girls nite and cupcakes

well been pretty busy lately and now all the big buzz is about hurricane sandy she is right in our path and is gonna hit on tue/ wed. I really hope she passes by and it isn’t a big thing but i know wishful thinking it’s gonna be bad they say . next week i have a busy week and no time for this ..something big is happening on Thursday for me and it’s also my birthday so i don’t need this lol so anyways to get this storm off my mind i decided to bake some halloween cupcakes and they came out good and cute hehe my room mate loved them too hard to keep her out of the box of them ..But anyhoo tonight was girls nite with my bestie she came over and we went out for a little while went to some stores just window shopping ..Then back to my place we got pizza then just hung out with my roommie we all went to school together so we did have a blast.

Free is good

well yesterday i got my free target makeup bad filled with samples and coupons. I was super happy to get this. so now i have a makeup bad to put in my purse for on the go touch ups and what have you. i also did a open box video silly but hey i was bored haha.

and then also took this video of my bestie and kids at the craft store we did have a great time. and made some crafts so much fun longer post tomorrow.


Ella is getting spayed

Photo Title

little miss ella is getting spayed today…poor girl..but it is very important to get this done

**UPDATE** ella had her surgery she is doing well …today is day two and still not eating yet but i’m hopeful tomorrow she will. she has been sleeping in the window ever since but at least she is purring at me instead of hissing now that is a plus.:)


Family fun


Today started out as a simple plain day. Just hung out and did some crocheting cause im working on a scarf for mom for Christmas  So did that for awhile and then took a shower and i put on some makeup .. normally  i don’t ware makeup but i was feeling depressed today and when i’m feeling like that , doing something simple like putting on makeup for doing my hair helps then i decided it was a really beautiful day so i would take some pictures of myself ya  i did lol. Then back to watching some tv with my roomy we was watching Date’s from hell on the ID channel , and i started doing some more crocheting ..when we hear a knock at the door to my surprise it was my step mom and dad with bam (her pup) and asked us if we wanted to go to the park for a walk so i was all over for getting out of the house. So we got ready and left and we went to Mohegan Park and walked around the lake it was so beautiful and with the leafs all changed in color just amazing view. then we went to get some pizza and took a drive down to the water front and had lunch it was a peaceful and beautiful day. I’m happy i’m blessed with amazing family 🙂

Early birthday gifts


well today i was surprised when the ups man came by at 11 with something from hsn 🙂 my sis inlaw got me this beautiful shirt from hsn it’s purple velvet top(purple is my fav color) for my birthday , she wanted me to have it to ware on my birthday. Though my bday isn’t til the first it will be a amazing day being home with my friends for my 40th birthday is more then i could ever ask for . Then about non the mail man stopped by and i got a box, my sister send me a box and i got it early wasn’t suppose to be here til tue so i was happy. she sent me a beautiful throw that has Boyd’s  bears on it , ya i love bears 🙂 and she also sent me some candles that say live laugh love and anyone who knows me knows that is my favorite quote. and a couple more things i needed early bday gift and she also send chris a bad full of candy for Halloween 🙂 he was in heaven haha. I ❤ getting early birthday gifts hehe. i also got my sister some things that i need to send out so i’ll be getting them out soon. Her bday was this month i’m so behind.

Peanutbutter cookies for dad’s birthday

Today was a pretty chill day. Didn’t do much of anything . About 3 we went to Walmart and i got some things. I got stuff to make peanut butter cookies for my dad for his birthday tomorrow Gonna drop them off and my son and i just made a little card for him. I also got some things to bake Halloween cupcakes so maybe in a couple of days gonna be baking them. My son also wanted a pumpkin though he is 20 he is autistic and still loves to carve them . He knows he is to old to go trick or treating 😦 sad for mom i miss them days. but he helps pass out candy and he loves seeing the kids dress up.

Tomorrow is a pretty busy day :

9:00 am dentist

10:00 drop off cookies for dads birthday

10:30 Go visit my friend for a little while

11:40 Chris has to see his meds doc

2:15 my doctor

ya busy day then i hope i can relax and yay for the weekend 🙂