My son’s bday..and my Craftyblog

well i can’t believe my youngest son is 17 today..though he lives with his dad in another state i miss him so much i have not gotton to see him in about three years but we talk alot. with having money situation that is what is causing us not to be able to spend time together. And the constant not getting alone with his dad but i hope we are moving on from and …And i can see my son soon. He is in high school and time sure flies next thing you know he’ll be graduating i hope. i think that is a parent’s biggest fear is that their child doesn’t finish school and drops out. we only want the best for our children. I love you son and i hope we can see eachother soon.

ok and on some other new’s as some of you may have noticed there is another blog here..Donnascraftycreations . Im just into all the crafty things and finding my new and creative side..I love crocheting now and into making other gifts ..i have many new idea’s for christmas gifts so check the other blog daily for updates on new crafty gift idea’s and fun stuff to do. Crafty blog <—— click it!!!  anther thing that is big and going on is monday i go for my first mammogram a littler nervous but i’m happy i’ll be getting it done…it’s breast cancer awareness month so go get your’e mammogram it’s never to early.





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