well woke up this morning and man oh man is it ever cold. I had to put on a sweat shirt for the first time..Crazy only going to reach 48 today, and tomorrow not much better only 50. crazy weather then mon 70 wth . 🙂 so ya its nice to be back in connect i missed all of the tree’s changing colors, the brisk cold’s just good to be back home in CT again. i love this time of year. so yes this weather is’t fair for smoker’s who have to smoke outside haha. But soon i’ll be quitting again. I did quit for 5 years but went though a terrible divorce and with all the stress i did start again and i’m so pissed off at myself for letting that happen for letting him get to me where i had to turn to smoking once again. Now things are way better in my life being single is great i don’t have to deal with bullshit . i may try to quit again. Plus i don’t smoke as much as i did in Ky. so that is also a plus.

Ok so i’ve been doing alot of thinking and this christmas is going to be tuff. so i’m thinking about making most of the gifts i’m handing out this year. all but the ones for my kids. so on my other blog..i’ll be posting some great idea’s that i’ve found with in the next month so keep a eye out for that.  right now i’m working on a scarf for my step mom for christmas, and going to make a no sew fleece throw for my dad. Looking forward to making the throw should be alot of fun.  and posted a apple butter in a jar gift on my craftyblog GO see … 

stay warm friends



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