Rambling about my day

Well a little bored today. First off I had a monogram appointed today but the doctor didn’t send over the doctors order to do so , so I didn’t get it done today . So next month ill have my monogram done. But the trip to the hospital was not a complete waste I did my lab work and the xray on my foot , so at least that got done. So now I’m just sitting at home bored so been playing around with apps I found on my Droid. And downloaded WordPress app and it is pretty cool I can do a blog post from it..ok ya I’m doing that now to see how that works I love it pretty convient I must say…. I also went to tArget yesterday and got some travel size shampoo that I’ve been wanting to try it smells so good ..its moroccan argan oil  if any of you had true it let me know how you like it.



2 thoughts on “Rambling about my day

  1. I bet that shampoo smells good! If it does what it says on the bottle it would be great for my hair, lol! I have curly, dry hair. I’m looking into how other bloggers have gone all natural, no longer using shampoo and I guess, from what I’ve read, that they are happy with the results, although it took a while for their hair to adjust to the new treatments they were using. I’m thinking I may try it, but the only problem is that I have to use conditioner and while it’s in my hair, I have to use the pick to go down through it, or else I’d never be able to afterwards!

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