Family fun


Today started out as a simple plain day. Just hung out and did some crocheting cause im working on a scarf for mom for Christmas  So did that for awhile and then took a shower and i put on some makeup .. normally  i don’t ware makeup but i was feeling depressed today and when i’m feeling like that , doing something simple like putting on makeup for doing my hair helps then i decided it was a really beautiful day so i would take some pictures of myself ya  i did lol. Then back to watching some tv with my roomy we was watching Date’s from hell on the ID channel , and i started doing some more crocheting ..when we hear a knock at the door to my surprise it was my step mom and dad with bam (her pup) and asked us if we wanted to go to the park for a walk so i was all over for getting out of the house. So we got ready and left and we went to Mohegan Park and walked around the lake it was so beautiful and with the leafs all changed in color just amazing view. then we went to get some pizza and took a drive down to the water front and had lunch it was a peaceful and beautiful day. I’m happy i’m blessed with amazing family 🙂


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