Birthdays, memories,and christmas

Last saturday we went to my bestie’s little girls 3rd hard to believe she is three already but she had her party at chucky chesses sure has been a long time since i was there i use to have my boys parties there but now my boys are 20 and 17 so ya it’s been a long time. They had alot of new things for the kids to play with new games ect but hell we adults still had fun playing some games too it was a good time. Got some good pic’s but i’ll add a few of my besties, jamie and i ..loved how it came out too.

i think i’m gonna get this pic of us printed out and put them in frames for all of us for christmas cause it sure did come out great and i took it at that one handed lol jamie was impressed it came out as good as it did.  so for maya’s birthday i got her coloring books (4) jumbo crayons , watermelon body wash, strawberry shortcake shampoo, and a book. hair bows she was so happy , i was thankful i was able to be there this year due to the fact of moving back to ct . i was away when she had both of the girls, and i’ve become very close to them .

Ok so i’m almost done christmas shopping yay! them baking cookies, i’m also going to be making homeade apple butter for gifts too. i can’t wait to get started. Here are some more pic’s enjo



Happy Turkey day!

hello there fellow bloggers well have not posted all to much i’ve been super busy with doctor appointments, and doing lots of things. Hope everyone is spending thanksgiving with people that they love and have a blessed day. I’m so happy that i’m back home in ct for this thanksgiving so i can spend it with my family. we are going to my stepsister’s for dinner and i can’t wait we have not seen much of her and the kids since i’ve been ba


ck cause my sister is so busy with work and school so today will be lots of fun . i baked a cake (butterfinger cake) as my son calls it . My sister in ky use to make it for him every holiday so i had to learn to make it so i hope it comes out as good as her’s . It looks yummy so i hope it will be a hit at thanksgiving dinner with the family. I hope everyone enjoys their family and is blessed on this thankful day.

Movies, friends, and Blogging

Tomorrow i’m going to see breaking dawn 2 with my friend i can’t wait to see this movie been waiting so long haha. ok so what else has been going on hmmm well i got my glasses so it sure is nice to see haha 😛 i’ve also have done some christmas shopping and wrapped some gifts, made three scarfs the past couple of weeks and now working on another for my son. and that is pretty much it , it’s been a pretty calm couple of weeks . I need to do my crafty blog more often i’ve just been out of it with my not sleeping on my doctor putting me on meds to help me sleep i go to bed so early and right now i’m ready to crash but more post’s coming soon .

Had a great Birthday

Had a awesome birthday thanks to my wonderful family and friends. Took some great pictures and bout some stuff for myself cause if i dont no one will hahha ..and yesterday my bestie took me to five guys for dinner last nite and i had ever eating there and omg was it so good . A must try if you love burgers and Real friends awesome. After that we went to Walmart and i put a layaway on for my sons Christmas gift he wants a Nintendo Ds  so expensive urgh but that is all that he wants, so who and i to say no to him. …today my son and i are going to my friends sons birthday party so i’ll be taken pictures there too will be great to see them cause since i’ve been back home we have not seen mucst of eachother cause we are like twenty mins away but i don’t have a car…my roommate is letting me use her car so that we can go so i was super excited..can’t wait til i can get a car i hate having to borrow it from her. …it also has been so cold here lately they are calling for snow this week but i really hope not . but you never know here in Connecticut  oh ya so happy to be home haha.