Had a great Birthday

Had a awesome birthday thanks to my wonderful family and friends. Took some great pictures and bout some stuff for myself cause if i dont no one will hahha ..and yesterday my bestie took me to five guys for dinner last nite and i had ever eating there and omg was it so good . A must try if you love burgers and Real friends awesome. After that we went to Walmart and i put a layaway on for my sons Christmas gift he wants a Nintendo Ds  so expensive urgh but that is all that he wants, so who and i to say no to him. …today my son and i are going to my friends sons birthday party so i’ll be taken pictures there too ..it will be great to see them cause since i’ve been back home we have not seen mucst of eachother cause we are like twenty mins away but i don’t have a car…my roommate is letting me use her car so that we can go so i was super excited..can’t wait til i can get a car i hate having to borrow it from her. …it also has been so cold here lately they are calling for snow this week but i really hope not . but you never know here in Connecticut  oh ya so happy to be home haha.



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