Birthdays, memories,and christmas

Last saturday we went to my bestie’s little girls 3rd hard to believe she is three already but she had her party at chucky chesses sure has been a long time since i was there i use to have my boys parties there but now my boys are 20 and 17 so ya it’s been a long time. They had alot of new things for the kids to play with new games ect but hell we adults still had fun playing some games too it was a good time. Got some good pic’s but i’ll add a few of my besties, jamie and i ..loved how it came out too.

i think i’m gonna get this pic of us printed out and put them in frames for all of us for christmas cause it sure did come out great and i took it at that one handed lol jamie was impressed it came out as good as it did.  so for maya’s birthday i got her coloring books (4) jumbo crayons , watermelon body wash, strawberry shortcake shampoo, and a book. hair bows she was so happy , i was thankful i was able to be there this year due to the fact of moving back to ct . i was away when she had both of the girls, and i’ve become very close to them .

Ok so i’m almost done christmas shopping yay! them baking cookies, i’m also going to be making homeade apple butter for gifts too. i can’t wait to get started. Here are some more pic’s enjo



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