this and that /update on chris’ bday party

hello everyone i hope u all had a great christmas . it was tight but we had family and a wonderful christmas. I’ve been so busy with the boys and trying to get my life in order so i’m sorry for the lack in post in here and in donnascraftycreations i soon should be able to update more and so on. This month i have lots of appointments coming up i just can’t wait til it’s over and done with. haha and we have a place life will be not so busy . i hope u all have a great new years. my son’s birthday is the 30th so we may be going to the casino cause he will be 21 so it should be fun. update instead of the casino we had a party at home last nite dec 31 we had pizza family , friends, and i yummy ice cream cake. here are some pics







hi guys! i know i haven’t posted to much every since my son got here i’ve been super busy with getting him into school and worrying about christmas. It was not planned that he was going to be moving in with me and my ex just put him on a bus. so it’s been somewhat stressful but we are making it alright. he is in school, and christmas is on it’s way. I’m getting used to having a teen boy ohh boy!!! haha but i’ve had some really great friends someone i went to high school with sent me 100.00 so i could get him some christmas gifts. she is a true angel. god bless so tomorrow we are goin to be making christmas cookies, and get ready for christmas hop you all have a wonderful christmas and are enjoying your loved ones I sure am.


Happy holiday’s from my family to yours

Family is complete!

well alot of changes are coming my ex husband called me the other nite and said i’m sending kyle (my youngest son who is 17 now) to you i can’t do it anymore he is hell bend on coming to live with you! well i’ve been trying to get him to let me come and get him for years now and i guess now he don’t want to deal with him ? what is that shit ! well i’m happy  he needs his mother he has had a shitty life with his dad so i’m happy he wants to come and live with me now. I can’t wait to see him it’s been way to long so he will be here sunday morning. Though it will be tough this christmas he understands. Cause i didnt plan on this but this is where the meaning of christmas really comes to play i’m just happy he will be with us. Now i feel that my family will be complete when he gets here .. I have the best friends that is all i have to say, i moved here with no home and pretty much homeless and my friend put me and my son up. and now gonna let my youngest stay with me too i don’t think i can ever repay her for everthing she has done for us but i hope to some day. I’m very blessed this season to have my boys with me, and a roof over our heads. i hope soon we will have a appartment. we need some prayers …thanks

It’s that time of year that i love

i woke up so early today at 4:15 am haha ya i guess it’s cause i fell asleep before 9 last nite, i was so tired for being up so late the nite before NEVER have coffee at 9 at nite lol ya so messed me up and even my sleeping meds didnt help at all . So i paid for it yesterday for sure i was so sleepy . But my son and i went to stop and shop and go food shopping done. I gave him some money to put in the salvation army red bucket , and he asked me why? so i told him they help other family’s who need help with food and or gift for children he says ohh that is nice and walks up to the lady and says “i have some cash for you ” lol and he put it in the bucket and then he said “happy holiday’s ladies” hehe so i know if u have read my blog before u know my son is autistic that is why it was cute he gets so excited to do little things. i love him he is my angel.he will be 21 this month so hard to believe that. 😦  So then we went home and put things away. Not so much fun there haha. but i also got some stocking stuffers for him too ..Can’t wait for christmas hehe it’s my favorite time of the year and being home this year is so much more better to be around family we are surly blessed and having good friends to put up with us lol. still no word on a appartment yet but i’m hoping after christmas we get one just can’t wait for our own place.

blog-test-kettleDon’t forget to donate something to the salvation army kettle these are everywhere walmart,targets,stop&shops even pennies help out. let’s help others this season. god bless