Family is complete!

well alot of changes are coming my ex husband called me the other nite and said i’m sending kyle (my youngest son who is 17 now) to you i can’t do it anymore he is hell bend on coming to live with you! well i’ve been trying to get him to let me come and get him for years now and i guess now he don’t want to deal with him ? what is that shit ! well i’m happy  he needs his mother he has had a shitty life with his dad so i’m happy he wants to come and live with me now. I can’t wait to see him it’s been way to long so he will be here sunday morning. Though it will be tough this christmas he understands. Cause i didnt plan on this but this is where the meaning of christmas really comes to play i’m just happy he will be with us. Now i feel that my family will be complete when he gets here .. I have the best friends that is all i have to say, i moved here with no home and pretty much homeless and my friend put me and my son up. and now gonna let my youngest stay with me too i don’t think i can ever repay her for everthing she has done for us but i hope to some day. I’m very blessed this season to have my boys with me, and a roof over our heads. i hope soon we will have a appartment. we need some prayers …thanks


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