What comes next (teenager vs mom )

well this is going to be a pretty personal post.. those of you who have teenager’s will understand maybe? well my son has gone though alot with his life, after his dad and i divorced he moved in with his dad , and i moved to ky. once i was there tried many times to have him move with me, cause things with his dad wasent going so well …well he has alot of anger in side him. but don’t make since my ex cheated and got remarried, but me am the one to blame what really. so now he is living with me and he is 17 and of course he is like u can’t tell me what to do , calls me a bitch, gets in my face, and the other day he punched me in my arm 4 times really hard. i’m at my wits end on what i should do . i have him in therapy and of course he says i don’t need it haha YES U DO !  he has anger issues bad…any books or good sites u know of please let me know.


*sick*/ teenager’s

so i’ve been so busy lately and my roomy has been sick so guess who started with a sore throat, and coughing last nite YUP MEEE! urgh This morning i’m so froggy , body is so sore , head is killing  me i hope this ends soon. I did have the flu shot a couple of months ago i hope it wont be as bad and other’s have it.

well i have the iphone 4 and now for some reason it says i have to buy more storage ??? wtf i have room my the phone so i dont get that if anyone knows comment please… i also orded a iphone for my son but he wanted my white on ….i wish he told me this before i ordered him a black one i hate black i like the white ones. but i’m done with fighting with him. we did have a couple of bad nites. so i know i have my hands full but hoping him having the iphone witch he really wanted i can use that to help me. he says the f word all the time so i  thought everything u say the F word u get the phone taken away for one hr. if i get 5 f’s u loose it for one day lol hope it works.  ok feeling like crap gonna lay down.

Chris’s party , and New Years

Hello everyone i’ve update previous post about my sons party check it out has a couple of pictures. Had my son’s birthday party last nite with family and friends… had pizza, and ice cream cake, chris had a blast. and wow :0 hard to believe my oldest is 21 now that sure makes me feel old haha 🙂

well here are some more picture’s of his party:












so those were some pictures of his party..my roomy , and myself had some wine, cheese and crackers, and mini sauages to bring in the new years we had fun with the kiddo’s too.. hope u all have a wonderful new years eve and was safe..

394844_10151247562537745_2071103449_n                                                                                                                   Happy 2013th EVERYONE