*sick*/ teenager’s

so i’ve been so busy lately and my roomy has been sick so guess who started with a sore throat, and coughing last nite YUP MEEE! urgh This morning i’m so froggy , body is so sore , head is killing  me i hope this ends soon. I did have the flu shot a couple of months ago i hope it wont be as bad and other’s have it.

well i have the iphone 4 and now for some reason it says i have to buy more storage ??? wtf i have room my the phone so i dont get that if anyone knows comment please… i also orded a iphone for my son but he wanted my white on ….i wish he told me this before i ordered him a black one i hate black i like the white ones. but i’m done with fighting with him. we did have a couple of bad nites. so i know i have my hands full but hoping him having the iphone witch he really wanted i can use that to help me. he says the f word all the time so i  thought everything u say the F word u get the phone taken away for one hr. if i get 5 f’s u loose it for one day lol hope it works.  ok feeling like crap gonna lay down.


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