Blizzard nemo

hey guys! i know it’s been forever since i’ve posted so much has been going on and new things i’m dealing with , with my son who is 17. but here is a little update . We had a blizzard here in ct we got 3 feet of snow crazy i left the south to come home to all this snow haha well yes it sure is beautiful to look at but not to shovel up ! 😛 so it’s been a week and now they are saying 5 to 8 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow i don’t think we are ever going to see spring haha well i sure do hope so. so here are a couple of pictures:

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short blog

well things are geting some what better. we have been super busy . and now today blizzard ??? in the north well they are saying we are in for 2 feet of snow it’s really pretty coming down. but i’m so ready for spring it’s not even funny haha. well the other day i made a glitter iphone case to see it and how i made it visit my craftycreations blog. i’ve also started making some vids on utube so i hope to get more vlogs up and when i do i’ll post them here. well this is a short blog cause i’m starving and having my coffee