moving moving and more and now DONE!

well it has been forever since I’ve posted a blog. a lot has been going on and first and for most I have not had internet. but I moved from ct to ky to move in with my sister we stayed there for a week and she told me we are going to tn so she sold all her stuff and moved us all for this guy. well turns out it was not so good  after living there  3 weeks he moved in too so let me back up here first off we stayed with her friend and her three roomates. after he moved there things between her and I became sour and she left me and my kids there we stayed there for awhile but I wanted to be back in ky so my sister and I started talking again and now we are staying here with her for a couple of months then the boys and I will be getting our own place. so life as we know it was been rough but i’m working on starting over …and not moving around anymore cause i’m just getting to old for this to keep moving .


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