moving moving and more and now DONE!

well it has been forever since I’ve posted a blog. a lot has been going on and first and for most I have not had internet. but I moved from ct to ky to move in with my sister we stayed there for a week and she told me we are going to tn so she sold all her stuff and moved us all for this guy. well turns out it was not so good  after living there  3 weeks he moved in too so let me back up here first off we stayed with her friend and her three roomates. after he moved there things between her and I became sour and she left me and my kids there we stayed there for awhile but I wanted to be back in ky so my sister and I started talking again and now we are staying here with her for a couple of months then the boys and I will be getting our own place. so life as we know it was been rough but i’m working on starting over …and not moving around anymore cause i’m just getting to old for this to keep moving .


what a awesome weekend

Ok so much has been going on with us/me & kids. I’ve decided to move back to ky with my sister i’ll have more family support there, here it’s hard for me to see my step mom and dad all the time they are getting older and can’t do as much anymore, and with everyone friends and family life has just gotten in the way everyone is so busy these days/ so the kids and i will board The grey hound bus on thursday morning at 10 am and arrive in ky friday afternoon wow such a long ass bus ride but it will be worth it, i miss my sister and the kiddo’s . And having family around will help kyle lots more.  we also had to go to court today cause i had to call the police on my son he has had such a tuff life and now that he is on the right meds he is doing much better. and we are all looking forward to this trip to ky. though we will miss everyone here.  we went to my dads for dinner on saturday and my step sis and her kids were there we all had a blast. then dad and step mom wanted us to sleep over so we did and the kids got to go 4 wheeling with papa they had a blast. man how i’ll miss all of the fun but we will visit soon.


Moving again

well i left ky to move back to my home state of Connecticut  but my kids and i have been living with my friend since June and i’m not any closer on the housing list it totally sucks ass really and been dealing with alot with my youngest son i’ve had to call the cops twice so now we go to court on Monday  so my sister in ky wants me back there, and in a way i want to be back in ky with my sis and the kiddo’s so my boys and i are leaving here on bus on march 7th  ya that is how i do things Fast haha i’m gonna miss all my family and friends here but i can get a place there ..and i can always visit ..i’ll keep everyone updated.!!!!

Blizzard nemo

hey guys! i know it’s been forever since i’ve posted so much has been going on and new things i’m dealing with , with my son who is 17. but here is a little update . We had a blizzard here in ct we got 3 feet of snow crazy i left the south to come home to all this snow haha well yes it sure is beautiful to look at but not to shovel up ! 😛 so it’s been a week and now they are saying 5 to 8 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow i don’t think we are ever going to see spring haha well i sure do hope so. so here are a couple of pictures:

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short blog

well things are geting some what better. we have been super busy . and now today blizzard ??? in the north well they are saying we are in for 2 feet of snow it’s really pretty coming down. but i’m so ready for spring it’s not even funny haha. well the other day i made a glitter iphone case to see it and how i made it visit my craftycreations blog. i’ve also started making some vids on utube so i hope to get more vlogs up and when i do i’ll post them here. well this is a short blog cause i’m starving and having my coffee


What comes next (teenager vs mom )

well this is going to be a pretty personal post.. those of you who have teenager’s will understand maybe? well my son has gone though alot with his life, after his dad and i divorced he moved in with his dad , and i moved to ky. once i was there tried many times to have him move with me, cause things with his dad wasent going so well …well he has alot of anger in side him. but don’t make since my ex cheated and got remarried, but me am the one to blame what really. so now he is living with me and he is 17 and of course he is like u can’t tell me what to do , calls me a bitch, gets in my face, and the other day he punched me in my arm 4 times really hard. i’m at my wits end on what i should do . i have him in therapy and of course he says i don’t need it haha YES U DO !  he has anger issues bad…any books or good sites u know of please let me know.

*sick*/ teenager’s

so i’ve been so busy lately and my roomy has been sick so guess who started with a sore throat, and coughing last nite YUP MEEE! urgh This morning i’m so froggy , body is so sore , head is killing  me i hope this ends soon. I did have the flu shot a couple of months ago i hope it wont be as bad and other’s have it.

well i have the iphone 4 and now for some reason it says i have to buy more storage ??? wtf i have room my the phone so i dont get that if anyone knows comment please… i also orded a iphone for my son but he wanted my white on ….i wish he told me this before i ordered him a black one i hate black i like the white ones. but i’m done with fighting with him. we did have a couple of bad nites. so i know i have my hands full but hoping him having the iphone witch he really wanted i can use that to help me. he says the f word all the time so i  thought everything u say the F word u get the phone taken away for one hr. if i get 5 f’s u loose it for one day lol hope it works.  ok feeling like crap gonna lay down.