Rambling about my day

Well a little bored today. First off I had a monogram appointed today but the doctor didn’t send over the doctors order to do so , so I didn’t get it done today . So next month ill have my monogram done. But the trip to the hospital was not a complete waste I did my lab work and the xray on my foot , so at least that got done. So now I’m just sitting at home bored so been playing around with apps I found on my Droid. And downloaded WordPress app and it is pretty cool I can do a blog post from it..ok ya I’m doing that now to see how that works I love it pretty convient I must say…. I also went to tArget yesterday and got some travel size shampoo that I’ve been wanting to try it smells so good ..its moroccan argan oil  if any of you had true it let me know how you like it.



updates from the past months

Hey there guys! well it’s been about 3months or so since i’ve blogged. well i will tell you it really isnt fun not have a computer or internet. right now i’m borrowing my sister’s laptop and i’m connected though my android for the internet it’s pretty neat that u can do that . so i figured i would do a post and just give y’all some updates on what is going on in my life…

valentines day was okay my sis and the kids got me a heart balloon and some candy, my sis also got me the cutest figurines dolphines i just love them so much, yes i collect dolphines too amoung other things. I also got a package in the mail from my bff in ct i luv her so much and miss her like hell….she got me a box of choc , little stuff tiger with pb cups amoung other things, and got my son chris some things too. so over all valentines day was fun. who says u need to be with someone to enjoy the day and feel the love. you feel the love from friends and family. love you all

now the current stuff haha ok so the first of this month i got a new android lg my touch and i love it , tomorrow i’m ordering a face plate from amazon for my phone cant wait to get it either lol. it’s black and purple <<fav color too ….here is a pic of the face plate im getting

as for today we had tornado warning all day then about 3:30 the horns went off and one hit in my town , not us though thank goodness. not even tornado season and we had one already, NOT GOOD! well i know this season will be a bad one , our winter has been so mild we had snow once about 2 inches other then that weather has been beautiful like 50’s and 70’s weird huh? so ya i know we are in for a bad and hot summer , and tornado season hmm ya i’ll be prepared that is for sure.  ok so that is most of what has been going on here and also my sister tells me the other day she is getting married they have been together for 5 years so it shall be fun, so exciting looking for wedding dresses and stuff. i took this pic of arianna my niece at the bridle shop so cute she had a blast. 

Unlocking my android urgh…

well guys i am buying a comet droid from my sister, and it’s tmobile i have straight talk and wanted to use my sims card for it , cause in a iphone i know u can , but can’t find a way to unlock it . i know there are loads of sites online that u can go and unlock it for a fee. but it shows you where to put in a code that your phone will ask, but with this sim card it don’t so i feel it will be a wast of money and time. I am going to switch to t-mobile to buy a sim card online is 6.99 and to get a 4g prepaid plan is 50.00 a month unlimited not to bad only 5.00 more, cause right now i pay 45.00 unlimited everytime though straight talk. but i’m just inlove with this phone. and my inetnet is about to be shut off …so will prob get it back on and running after christmas i’m hoping. money is tight right now .


added a new app for android so now I can update my blog. it’s actually pretty cool that I’m able to do this from my android.