what a awesome weekend

Ok so much has been going on with us/me & kids. I’ve decided to move back to ky with my sister i’ll have more family support there, here it’s hard for me to see my step mom and dad all the time they are getting older and can’t do as much anymore, and with everyone friends and family life has just gotten in the way everyone is so busy these days/ so the kids and i will board The grey hound bus on thursday morning at 10 am and arrive in ky friday afternoon wow such a long ass bus ride but it will be worth it, i miss my sister and the kiddo’s . And having family around will help kyle lots more.  we also had to go to court today cause i had to call the police on my son he has had such a tuff life and now that he is on the right meds he is doing much better. and we are all looking forward to this trip to ky. though we will miss everyone here.  we went to my dads for dinner on saturday and my step sis and her kids were there we all had a blast. then dad and step mom wanted us to sleep over so we did and the kids got to go 4 wheeling with papa they had a blast. man how i’ll miss all of the fun but we will visit soon.



Birthdays, memories,and christmas

Last saturday we went to my bestie’s little girls 3rd birthday..wow hard to believe she is three already but she had her party at chucky chesses ..wow sure has been a long time since i was there i use to have my boys parties there but now my boys are 20 and 17 so ya it’s been a long time. They had alot of new things for the kids to play with new games ect but hell we adults still had fun playing some games too it was a good time. Got some good pic’s but i’ll add a few of my besties, jamie and i ..loved how it came out too.

i think i’m gonna get this pic of us printed out and put them in frames for all of us for christmas cause it sure did come out great and i took it at that one handed lol jamie was impressed it came out as good as it did.  so for maya’s birthday i got her coloring books (4) jumbo crayons , watermelon body wash, strawberry shortcake shampoo, and a book. hair bows she was so happy , i was thankful i was able to be there this year due to the fact of moving back to ct . i was away when she had both of the girls, and i’ve become very close to them .

Ok so i’m almost done christmas shopping yay! them baking cookies, i’m also going to be making homeade apple butter for gifts too. i can’t wait to get started. Here are some more pic’s enjo


Girls nite and cupcakes

well been pretty busy lately and now all the big buzz is about hurricane sandy she is right in our path and is gonna hit on tue/ wed. I really hope she passes by and it isn’t a big thing but i know wishful thinking it’s gonna be bad they say . next week i have a busy week and no time for this ..something big is happening on Thursday for me and it’s also my birthday so i don’t need this lol so anyways to get this storm off my mind i decided to bake some halloween cupcakes and they came out good and cute hehe my room mate loved them too hard to keep her out of the box of them ..But anyhoo tonight was girls nite with my bestie she came over and we went out for a little while went to some stores just window shopping ..Then back to my place we got pizza then just hung out with my roommie we all went to school together so we did have a blast.

No sew fleece blankets

I was talking to my cuz today and she makes these no sew fleece blankets so i looked it up on you tube. They look so easy and something i want to try i want to make a hello kitty and a angry birds one for my niece and nephew for chrismas .. really excited to try this gonna do a test one for myself in oct will post pics ..I’m getting into all this crafty stuff and i love it..my friend and i are also making our christmas cards by hand this year with stamps i can’t wait.



Learning something new and i’m loving it

well i’ve just recently started learning crochet and i love it . today i learned how to make butterflies… and other then that just been making some pot holders lol i’m also working on a scarf.. so i’ll be posting pictures of my projects and so on. and if you have any easy patterns and ideas on what else i can make or try please comment below and let me know thanks …

well so this is what i did, i worked on my stuff most the day..and tonight my bestie amy came over she is showing me how to do some things too…she also knits i dont know if i could ever do that seems pretty hard.. ok sh this post will be short cause i’ve been up since 4am so i’m gonna finish watching friends and off to bed i go .