Happy Boy…and his hat

Still in this hotel room been trying to call my landlord all day she isn’t in or just not in the office today. I hope and hearing the rummor that it might be friday but just like other things that have happened i doubt it’s going to happen.ok so i was sitting here yesterday thinking i would watch all my children cause i haven’t watched my soap in a long time, well to my surprise it’s not on anymore…a new show called the chew is on ..it’s a good show but still why did they take a show off the air that has been on for ever. ok right now just sitting here waiting for chris to get home then my sister is coming to get us to take us to chris’s doctor appointment with his therapist and the lady who gives him his meds. He is having a hard time with living in this hotel and being autistic it sure is hard for him to handle all of this. He had a out burst at program and hasen’t been listen to well for the past couple of weeks. So they are going to up his medicine.

Chris also went on a field trip last week with his program they went to a farm and picked apples and had lunch i gave him some money so he could get something in the gift shop . He got a hat and he just loves it.. here are some pictures i took of him, and he did all the poses himself hehe he is so cute . He was so excited to have his own hat and wore it today.