Happy Boy…and his hat

Still in this hotel room been trying to call my landlord all day she isn’t in or just not in the office today. I hope and hearing the rummor that it might be friday but just like other things that have happened i doubt it’s going to happen.ok so i was sitting here yesterday thinking i would watch all my children cause i haven’t watched my soap in a long time, well to my surprise it’s not on anymore…a new show called the chew is on ..it’s a good show but still why did they take a show off the air that has been on for ever. ok right now just sitting here waiting for chris to get home then my sister is coming to get us to take us to chris’s doctor appointment with his therapist and the lady who gives him his meds. He is having a hard time with living in this hotel and being autistic it sure is hard for him to handle all of this. He had a out burst at program and hasen’t been listen to well for the past couple of weeks. So they are going to up his medicine.

Chris also went on a field trip last week with his program they went to a farm and picked apples and had lunch i gave him some money so he could get something in the gift shop . He got a hat and he just loves it.. here are some pictures i took of him, and he did all the poses himself hehe he is so cute . He was so excited to have his own hat and wore it today.


Hotel life

well hey there guys well still sitting here in this hotel room. I called my landlord yesterday she said maybe thur or fri we can go home i hope so . Still waiting on checks from them for food getting200.00 not much for a month but guess it will do haha. so i’m just sitting here waiting for my friend tess to come and get me , she is taken me to walmart so i can get some more food. Thank goodness for friends. it sucks with no car . ok so i made a video this morning cause im so so so bored… so i hope you enjoy haha

hotel life

still sick and stuck in this Hotel and going NUTZ

ok so i’m still not feeling great and being stuck in the god for saken hotel sucks ass right now. Seriously i’m loosing my mind been in this hotel for 3 weeks now i just wanna go home and being sick on top of that is not fun. Though i am feeling a little bit better….some people on this floor has lots of kids, and they are just letting them run in the hallway yelling and screaming …have some respect people!!! Then i’ve had my do not disturb sign up cause i’ve been sick and i get a knock at my door it was housekeeping i said oh i had my sign ohh my god where is it. lol….ya the little brats been taken people DONT disturb signs down…and some guys here work 3rd and sleep and housekeeping said they knocked on their doors the ladies felt so bad. but it’s these kids…well tonight if i here them i will complain trust me.. well i think my son and i will go out to dinner tonight we have been stuck in here for 3 days now GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR im gonna loose it . lol wouldn’t be so bad if i had wheels to get us out sometimes but i don’t i hope we can go home by Friday please pray that we can.

God bless all the people that have lost lives on this day, and may god give strength to the family’s. we will never forget 9/11

Not feeling so good today

i’m sitting here in the hotel ya i’m still here. and it sucks! i woke up today not feeling well actually the past couple of days I’ve been sleeping alot being stuck in a room can do that to ya. but i woke up today with a achy head, sore throat, runny and stuffy nose and pain shooting to my ear, and achy head urgh COLD? ya i’m thinking so. Could be because when we go in the pool i get changed and sit here at this desk on my laptop and it’s right in front of the ac unit… oh well …anyhoo today i will get out of this room for awhile sis is coming over to take me to wallyworld to get some food not like i can make all that much in a microwave but at least it’s something. I hope they are finish with my apartment by friday i miss it so much. though i’ve spent lots of money on food and so now i don’t have enough money to pay all my bills i paid rent but now only have 200.00 left and i have to pay my laptop rental, loan, electric urgh this sucks ass really, my landlord is suppose to give us a prepaid visa but that has not happen yet and i’m so getting pissed and i’m about to go off. i’m going to call her again tomorrow and ask again, and if she tells me the same shit she can’t get ahold of julie the main bitch i’m going to say ok then your going to pay my bills im NOT happy as u can tell. i guess today is my i’m going to bitch and vent day haha sorry y’all. ok so here are some pics. will post again soon i hope if i don’t die of boredom 🙂