Blizzard nemo

hey guys! i know it’s been forever since i’ve posted so much has been going on and new things i’m dealing with , with my son who is 17. but here is a little update . We had a blizzard here in ct we got 3 feet of snow crazy i left the south to come home to all this snow haha well yes it sure is beautiful to look at but not to shovel up ! ūüėõ so it’s been a week and now they are saying 5 to 8 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow i don’t think we are ever going to see spring haha well i sure do hope so. so here are a couple of pictures:

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Peanutbutter cookies for dad’s birthday

Today was a pretty chill day. Didn’t do much of anything . About 3 we went to¬†Walmart¬†and i got some things. I got stuff to make¬†peanut butter¬†cookies for my dad for his birthday tomorrow Gonna drop them off and my son and i just made a little card for him. I also got some things to bake¬†Halloween¬†cupcakes so maybe in a couple of days gonna be baking them. My son also wanted a pumpkin though he is 20 he is¬†autistic¬†and still loves to carve them . He knows he is to old to go trick or treating ūüė¶ sad for mom i miss them days. but he helps pass out candy and he loves seeing the kids dress up.

Tomorrow is a pretty busy day :

9:00 am dentist

10:00 drop off cookies for dads birthday

10:30 Go visit my friend for a little while

11:40 Chris has to see his meds doc

2:15 my doctor

ya busy day then i hope i can relax and yay for the weekend ūüôā


family day

spent the day with sis and kids we headed to somerset and had a blast
went to the fea market and walked around just looking at stuff. I bought
a gourmet cupcake i got a pb cup one , i haven’t yet eating it though
i will today its choc cupcake with pb and choc filling and crushed pb
cup on top …cant wait to dig into it haha …after that we went to a
new chinease buffet so i figured i would try a calfornia roll(sushi)
um NOOOO it was gross i guess it’s not my cup of tea! so then off to
albany to get my sister wedding dress we were meeting up with this girl
who sold my sis a dress and we saw that albany had a dollar general mart
wow what really so after we got the dress we went in wow i wish they would
put one in over here in monticello, but we did some food shopping and
saved a bundle of money . i so want to go back soon.. so then came back
home and my neice said im staying over tia(auntie in spanish) haha so
i had my neice for the nite we had a good time, i made pizza and we watched
dora until she fell asleep on the floor lol cutie. well i guess that is
about it for now going to clean up the house and spent more time with
my neice arianna below is a pic of kiddo’s in the car driving home from
albany .


girls day

well today was alot of fun spent it with my sister went had breakfast at her house and watched some tv…then we went to get our nails done, she got a¬†refill¬†and i got tips put one . so they are purple tips with a silver line so pretty i just love them . that took pretty much all morning the nail place was¬†hoppin¬†.. and boo did a awesome job and he is funny to boot. then after that i treated sis to¬†Mexican¬†oh boy! yummy my fav¬†restaurant¬†. then to the pawn shop cause they were going out of business they had dvd’s for a dollar could not pass that up so i got 10 movies . and i don’t have cable and i’ve done seen all the movies i have like a million times so it will be good to have something new to watch. then came home for awhile and just chilled outside cause it was another beautiful day 67 ….sis and kiddo’s came over about 5 and we went to wally world and got some food and stuff for the house, so tomorrow is laundry day ohhh yay what fun right ? lol i also got some body spray coconut line ooohhh lala it smells so nice …. ok so after that we went to ¬†micky d’s and brought home dinner …played some music and the kiddo’s were rockin out in the kitchen so freakin cute i did get a video don’t know if i’ll post it here but it is gonna be uploaded to my facebook tomorrow ,. so now just sitting here finally got chris to bed and i’m thinking about heading there myself it’s been a long day but a fun one. so for now that is all i’m off to dream land

updates from the past months

Hey there guys! well it’s been about 3months or so since i’ve blogged. well i will tell you it really isnt fun not have a computer or internet. right now i’m borrowing my sister’s laptop and i’m connected though my android for the internet it’s pretty neat that u can do that . so i figured i would do a post and just give y’all some updates on what is going on in my life…

valentines day was okay my sis and the kids got me a heart balloon and some candy, my sis also got me the cutest figurines dolphines i just love them so much, yes i collect dolphines too amoung other things. I also got a package in the mail from my bff in ct i luv her so much and miss her like hell….she got me a box of choc , little stuff tiger with pb cups amoung other things, and got my son chris some things too. so over all valentines day was fun. who says u need to be with someone to enjoy the day and feel the love. you feel the love from friends and family. love you all

now the current stuff haha ok so the first of this month i got a new android lg my touch and i love it , tomorrow i’m ordering a face plate from amazon for my phone cant wait to get it either lol. it’s black and purple <<fav color too ….here is a pic of the face plate im getting

as for today we had tornado warning all day then about 3:30 the horns went off and one hit in my town , not us though thank goodness. not even tornado season and we had one already, NOT GOOD! well i know this season will be a bad one , our winter has been so mild we had snow once about 2 inches other then that weather has been beautiful like 50’s and 70’s weird huh? so ya i know we are in for a bad and hot summer , and tornado season hmm ya i’ll be prepared that is for sure. ¬†ok so that is most of what has been going on here and also my sister tells me the other day she is getting married they have been together for 5 years so it shall be fun, so exciting looking for wedding dresses and stuff. i took this pic of arianna my¬†niece¬†at the bridle shop so cute she had a blast.¬†

still sick and stuck in this Hotel and going NUTZ

ok so i’m still not feeling great and being stuck in the god for saken hotel sucks ass right now. Seriously i’m loosing my mind been in this hotel for 3 weeks now i just wanna go home and being sick on top of that is not fun. Though i am feeling a little bit better….some people on this floor has lots of kids, and they are just letting them run in the hallway yelling and screaming …have some respect people!!! Then i’ve had my do not disturb sign up cause i’ve been sick and i get a knock at my door it was housekeeping i said oh i had my sign ohh my god where is it. lol….ya the little brats been taken people DONT disturb signs down…and some guys here work 3rd and sleep and housekeeping said they knocked on their doors the ladies felt so bad. but it’s these kids…well tonight if i here them i will complain trust me.. well i think my son and i will go out to dinner tonight we have been stuck in here for 3 days now GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR im gonna loose it . lol wouldn’t be so bad if i had wheels to get us out sometimes but i don’t i hope we can go home by Friday please pray that we can.

God bless all the people that have lost lives on this day, and may god give strength to the family’s. we will never forget 9/11