still sick and stuck in this Hotel and going NUTZ

ok so i’m still not feeling great and being stuck in the god for saken hotel sucks ass right now. Seriously i’m loosing my mind been in this hotel for 3 weeks now i just wanna go home and being sick on top of that is not fun. Though i am feeling a little bit better….some people on this floor has lots of kids, and they are just letting them run in the hallway yelling and screaming …have some respect people!!! Then i’ve had my do not disturb sign up cause i’ve been sick and i get a knock at my door it was housekeeping i said oh i had my sign ohh my god where is it. lol….ya the little brats been taken people DONT disturb signs down…and some guys here work 3rd and sleep and housekeeping said they knocked on their doors the ladies felt so bad. but it’s these kids…well tonight if i here them i will complain trust me.. well i think my son and i will go out to dinner tonight we have been stuck in here for 3 days now GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR im gonna loose it . lol wouldn’t be so bad if i had wheels to get us out sometimes but i don’t i hope we can go home by Friday please pray that we can.

God bless all the people that have lost lives on this day, and may god give strength to the family’s. we will never forget 9/11